China Porcelain Doll


I have been selling on eBay for about 20 years under the seller name KellieDeals, I specialize in selling the rare and unusual. But when you sell the rare and unusual you need to know how to properly pack and ship many different items. I have shipped books, sets of china, deer heads and so many unusual items. And trust me some of the simplest items are the hardest to pack.

A few years ago, I sold a very old and beautiful Meissen doll. I had the customer ask me to kindly take her head off, stuff her head with a tissue before I shipped her. I thought I heard it all but this was a first but I did it with some direction from her. After opening the head I saw the glass eyes are not very secure. And in shipping, the eyes can become loose and break the head on its way to a new home. Her body was made of soft material so I only needed to remove the head and carefully secure all the body parts before her journey. Well, today I am going to share how to ship an all-over porcelain head and body doll. to better protect it from our wonderful Fed Ex, UPS, and USPS workers and the 8 foot drop our packages take in the warehouse, Oh and the occasional Kick the can game I do believe some play.

Step One: Undress The Doll

This step is pretty self-explanatory. Put a towel or soft pad down to prevent breaking the porcelain, then start taking her clothes off her body. You need to be able to get to the doll’s body parts, But whenever you take apart an item put all the pieces in a pile and put them in a ziplock bag so you do not lose any pieces to her outfit.

Undressing A Porcelain Doll

Step Two: Remove Legs

Locate where the leg joints are connected to each other. Next, unknot the strings to remove legs.


Step 3: Remove Head

Gently lift the head off away from the body. Then remove the metal clip from the head. And think to yourself, “Why did they use a metal wall anchor to secure the head to the body?” Then stuff tissue in the head to protect the head from eyes becoming dislodged in shipping.


Step 4: Remove Arms

This doll’s arms are attached with string through the body. Just unknot and pull apart.

Your Done: Now Pack

Put all pieces to her outfit in a baggie. Then carefully wrap each piece in bubble wrap and pack it in a box. Off she goes to a new home.

Porcelain Doll
Porcelain Doll Disassembled